Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rustic, Hammered Side Tables

This past month I decided to try my hand at the hammered look. I found this picture online and it was my inspiration (please note the console pictured directly below is not for sale). I love how the stain is darker in some places and lighter in others.

Not only did I decide to try the hammered look (not on the tabletops), but I also tried my hand at staining Mexican Pine. I am not sure how Mexican Pine normally stains but I noticed that my two pieces picked up stained in different ways. The tables definitely did not turn out like the console table above; however, I think they look really cool. They seem to look lighter/darker depending on the lighting. I think they have a lot of character and would make a wonderful addition to a house/cabin with a more rustic style. I looked online to see how much the side tables usually cost and they are about $170/table. You can view them HERE. The tables measure 24"x24"x20" (l,w,h). They will only be sold as a set.

Only $150. (SOLD)

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Khim said...

Seriously, you are going to make me drive a U-haul all the way up to Utah! Fabulous!